17 – Solicitor’s Letter From Carotene Half

Well this is interesting. As you will have read, in my latest TV show, I discussed the biscuits I made, and apparently, if you listened in a certain way,  then it sounds as though I was taking the piss out of our near-by restaurant, The Bologna Pony, and its chef, Carotene Half. I of course was not. However, that hasn’t stopped Half instructing his solicitors to write a letter to me asking me to retract my remarks. Here is a copy of said letter:

SolicitorLetter reBiscuits2

All I can say here is that I certainly will not be retracting my remarks here on my blog. I never even made the comments which Half says I did and I will be informing his solicitor of that by return of mail. I will post that letter on my next blog too.

However, the most interesting thing about this is that Half has written to me before the TV show has even aired! So how on earth did he know what I said?

Me thinks I smell a mole. Woe betide, Mole! Just wait til I find out who you are – because, Mole, digging around for maggots and worms will be all you’ll be able to do thereafter.