31 – (Not so) Subliminal Messages

A new barista started work at the Sausage recently and she has been impressing our customers with her calligraphic skills when delivering their post-meal cappuccinos. Most baristas can of course make a nice swirly pattern in the foam of a cappuccino or latte, but Anika goes way further than that. She started one evening by simply writing a customer’s name in the chocolate on the top of the coffee, and then creating the Smoked Sausage “Signature coffee”:

cappuccino sausage 2

But one night, one of the customers had been flirting with her too much for her liking during the meal and when he asked her for her phone number, Anika responded with the following message:

cappuccino snogdog2

Fortunately, the customer found it as funny as my staff. And since then, Anika has rather let loose. Here’s a selection of some of her recent creations:

cappuccino trump2 cappuccino tip2

cappuccino rainforest cappuccino watchingyou2

The last one, as you might guess, made one or two of the customers slightly nervous so we have asked Anika to tone it down a bit. Politics and sexual innuendo is fine – psychotic waitress isn’t so good for business.