38 – Chocolate Teacup

ChocTeaCupIt’s a simple premise: a teacup made completely of chocolate. So you eat the whole thing. Cup, handle, hot chocolate. And marshmallows.

An edible teacup. It’s a choctastic drink and dessert for chocoholics.

(But don’t try to eat the saucer, that’s real).

37 – April Menu


This month’s  menu sees two new Mains and two new Desserts, including a worldwide first:

  • Paint it Black: our homage to the Stones in the form of Blackened Snapper with Blackened Vegetables and squid ink jus. Black is indeed the new black.
  • Emu Steak with Your Tear-salted Chips: we can’t do justice to this hear so read about this in our separate post. You won’t see anything like this on any other menu anywhere in the world. So it would be a crying shame if you don’t try this.
  • African-imported Baobab Fruit Crumble: The nutritionists tells us baobab fruit provides increased energy levels, boosts the immune system, assists mental clarity and improves sleep patterns. We think it just tastes damn good with our crumble.
  • Baked Alaska Smoked Sausage Style: Don’t ask, just eat it.

And as last month’s Moules Marinière Full 3D Seascape Experience was such a favourite, we’ve kept that for another few days too.

You can see the full menu here.

36 – Cry Your Eyes Out


Cry your eyes out as we proudly present a worldwide first this month: chips salted and seasoned with your own tears. Yes, you read that right. Your own tears.

It’s very simple: the salt in your tears provides a unique flavour and adds an unmatched piquancy to what are already (of course) brilliant thrice-cooked chips.

How does this work? Well I’m not going to give the game away entirely – as ever, you’ll have to come to the Sausage to get the full experience – but I’ll say this: first we deliver your dish to your table (Emu steak and chips for this special meal) and then you cry over them to add the flavour.

And should you need assistance to extract your tears, we are offering three different ways to help you. Again, I’m only giving limited information here how we do that but I can summarise as follows:

  • Beauty: for those of you where a particular image is enough to bring you to tears;
  • Emotions: a subtle whisper in the ear from one of our waiters and we promise you that will be enough;
  • Pain: don’t think too hard about this, but trust us, it works.

And if all that fails, we can also offer the Chill Approach: if you end up needing this then you’ll soon wish you had selected one of the above.

You’ve never tasted anything like this but you’ll cry out for more.

31 – (Not so) Subliminal Messages

A new barista started work at the Sausage recently and she has been impressing our customers with her calligraphic skills when delivering their post-meal cappuccinos. Most baristas can of course make a nice swirly pattern in the foam of a cappuccino or latte, but Anika goes way further than that. She started one evening by simply writing a customer’s name in the chocolate on the top of the coffee, and then creating the Smoked Sausage “Signature coffee”:

cappuccino sausage 2

But one night, one of the customers had been flirting with her too much for her liking during the meal and when he asked her for her phone number, Anika responded with the following message:

cappuccino snogdog2

Fortunately, the customer found it as funny as my staff. And since then, Anika has rather let loose. Here’s a selection of some of her recent creations:

cappuccino trump2 cappuccino tip2

cappuccino rainforest cappuccino watchingyou2

The last one, as you might guess, made one or two of the customers slightly nervous so we have asked Anika to tone it down a bit. Politics and sexual innuendo is fine – psychotic waitress isn’t so good for business.

25 – March Menu


Our new menu for March is now being served. This includes two new starters: Raw Vegetable Salad (so raw you just go into our kitchen garden and pick some yourself) and Fake Foie Gras with Rose Tahini and Carob Molasses – flavour without the cruelty.

But the stars of this month’s menu are our three new main courses:

  • Hedgehog sans piqûres: sous-vide hedgehog, sweet corn puree, bacon popcorn and a red wine jus (no pricks will be served)
  • The Moules Marinière Full 3D Seascape Experience: Moules marinière with cream, garlic and parsley – and a seascape of sounds, smells and fresh sea breeze. Served with a large oilskin jacket – you’ll see why when you read the full details.
  • Poke: traditional Hawaiian cubed ahi tuna over seaweed, marinaded in soy sauce, green onion, avocado, mango, brazil nuts, sesame oil, ginger, sweet chillies, Japanese seasoning blends, with seasoned rice.

You can see the full menu here.