February 2016


Deconstructed Soup
with the freshest ingredients we can find

Cow Paté
the aroma of the countryside

Pearl Necklace
coming with seafood

The British Rail Experience (For 2 people) read review



The Smoked Sausage Signature Dish (24 hours notice required)

The World’s Most Expensive Fish Fingers
but the most delicious

Roast Dinner Purée
all the taste of a roast meal complete with vegetables & gravy
but puréed into a drink

Roast Roadkill as seen on TV
ask for today’s catch or BYO



Simple Crème Brûlée more info no frills, nothing supplementary – just straight forward, vanilla crème brûlée
the best and sadly radical for 2016

Make-your-own pancakes
we provide the batter, pan and stove – you toss it at your own table

Apricot and Vanilla Sticky Fly Paper