March 2016


Raw Vegetable Salad
so raw you just go into our kitchen garden and pick some yourself.
We’ll provide salad dressing and a hand-bowl of water.

Fake Foie Gras with Rose Tahini and Carob Molasses
flavour without the cruelty

The British Rail Experience (For 2 people) read review



The Smoked Sausage Signature Dish (24 hours notice required)

Hedgehog sans piqûres
sous-vide hedgehog, sweet corn puree, bacon popcorn and a red wine jus
(no pricks will be served)

The Moules Marinière Full 3D Seascape Experience more info
Moules marinière with cream, garlic and parsley – and a seascape of sounds, smells and fresh sea breeze
Served with a large oilskin jacket

traditional Hawaiian cubed ahi tuna over seaweed, marinaded in soy sauce, green onion, avocado, mango, brazil nuts, sesame oil, ginger, sweet chillies, Japanese seasoning blends, with seasoned rice



Deep Fried Banana Skins more info
ginger ice cream

Seriously Mini Rhubarb Upside Down Cake
ginger ice cream, dabs of custard

Hot Lemon Posset
steeped in cream, mixed with raspberry coulis, topped with fresh raspberries, a drizzle of rosemary oil and dill pollen