Valentine Day 2016


Cupid’s Arrows
asparagus tips piercing into Jersey oysters, with a splash of sauciness

First Date
honey dates, Barhi dates, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts… you get the idea

Pearl Necklace
coming with seafood


The Main Event

Slow Cooked Grass-fed Ox Heart
et baby vegetables accompagnement

Japanese Grilled Salmon and Seaweed Salad
served missionary style


Apr├Ęs Sex

Post-coital Cigarette
White chocolate tunnel, gold leaf, ‘Lovers’ embossed on the side,
brought to your table and set light so it smokes

Chocolate Box
Quite literally, a 3″ square shallow box made of chocolate, with 4 compartments in it,
each with a variation of a chocolate heart in an edible wrapper

Cream Pie
Stuff your face


And of course a rose for the lady (or other gentleman)