32 – Barko Pierre White


My recent experience with Ainsley Harricot sneaking round the back of my restaurant late night has made me think that we need some extra security. And what better way than to employ a “security guard” who will never complain, always be loyal and can even chase away the local cats.

Yes, we’ve got ourselves a dog for the Sausage.

He’s a rescue dog from the local rescue centre and was apparently gifted there because some old dear couldn’t cope with him any more. But the rehomer from the centre assured me he is a perfect dog and has no “issues”. Not sure what she meant by that, although she did go into a coughing fit just after saying it so maybe she wasn’t feeling too well herself.

I’m sure he’ll be happy with us. And as I feel I ought to name him something appropriate for his environment, we have named him Barko Pierre White; Barko for short. If he’s half as scary as his namesake then we should have no problem from anyone.

He can protect us from those mad animal activists too.